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Church Planting In Mongolia In low-Population Nomadic Situations – Mongolia

 Stone Chuluunbat & Bolortuya Damdinjav                    Date: 25-Apr-2023            

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Church Planting in Pakistan: The Post Missionary Era – Pakistan

                    Rev. Naeem John

                   Date: 28-Mar-2023

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Church Planting in the Context of Iran – Iran

David Yeghnazar 

                    Date: 28-Feb-2023

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The Gospel Engine – Thailand

Dwight Martin 
                    Date: 24-Jan-2023


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Being Fruitful In An Unfruitful Season: Two Different Approaches To Church Planting –                                    Indonesia

                    Pak Pablo & Irwan Widjaja                                                                Date: 27-Sep-2022


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Church-Planting & Multiplication Through Contextualization & Innovation – Japan

 Ken Taylor & Yoshiya Hari                                    Date: 23-Aug-2022